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Letter to the Editor: Common Sense versus Emotions

Written By Editor on 10/30/20 | 10/30/20

Once upon a time in America, common sense was, well, common. But not today.  A friend of mine said in joking: “Common Sense is like a super power, it is unique”.  As we see today’s events unfolding, I have to sadly and whole heartily agree.  Only a few select individuals seem to currently possess this trait that was common amongst our Founding Fathers.
We are in a period of very troubling times for America as well as our Rights and Freedoms.  Illogical, emotional thinking and reactive actions have resulted in the complete lack of common sense to prevail in the face of the chaos that is upon our nation.  While claiming that riots are ‘free speech’ and ‘peaceful protests’, we have seen Governors, Mayors and politicians siding with rioters and looters while allowing law-abiding citizens to be at the mercy of terrorist activities.  We have seen calls to defund/abolish our police departments across the country.  Does anyone really believe this will resolve the problem and appease the rotestors? 

We have also seen an all-out attack on our history and culture under the false premise that removing symbols will erase our history and make today OK.  Our history is what made America great – good or bad – and it is a permanent part of who we are. 

It seems as though many segments of society have been injected with an emotional venom that destroys anything that hints of logic.  Everything from politics to the ‘food police’, with businesses and government agencies in between, react emotionally to the baseless whining of extremists rather than proceeding rationally, in ways that make sense.

The anti-gun / anti-Second Amendment establishment are front and center when it comes to subversives who loudly tell the biggest lies; so loud and so repetitive that low informative viewers, listeners and readers end up believing them. Persistent back-biting, spiteful language and intentional lies have become the way of the world and the more outrageous the allegation the wider it is disseminated. As the old saying goes: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” 
There are myriad reasons why the situation has developed to where it is now. Pick one – dumbing down of schools, breakdown of the family unit, the overreach of “Big Brother”, biased media with their political agenda, political politicians pandering for votes and leaning whichever way the ‘wind is blowing’, the Anti-Trump factor and, just recently, the COVID 19 pandemic, cancel culture and the BLM movement. 

Law-abiding citizens need to be extremely aware of our actions and how we behave in public and on ‘social media’ platforms. We must be careful of the image we project, lest we inadvertently defeat ourselves in the PR war that is raging against our Second Amendment Rights and Freedoms.  But I am in no way suggesting that we relinquish our right of free speech and expression.  We must aggressively defend all our rights as protected by our Founding Fathers and bestowed upon us our Divine Creator.  When we show pride and respect for everyone’s rights under the Constitution, we not only demonstrate the untruths of the anti’s lies, but we also inoculate ourselves against those same lies.  It’s our PR strategy to combat the assault on all of our rights.

This madness needs to stop immediately and the only way this will happen is if ‘We The People’ – the American law-abiding citizens of every political party or race - stand up and say enough is enough and save our country.  One way we can do this is by voting!  

God Bless our great nation and may she continue to stand for Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all. We can make a difference, IF we stand together. United we stand and divided we fall.

Richard Rossi
Denver, NY

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