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New Exhibit at the Gilboa Museum

Written By Editor on 2/25/21 | 2/25/21

Above is the Lifestyles area of the Juried History Center. Other cultural history attractions include permanent displays on the old village and the Schoharie Reservoir, and rotating displays on School-houses and Neighbors. On the natural history side, our Devonian fossils (including a 3-D replica of the 385-million-year-old crown of the Gilboa Fossil tree found on South Mountain in Conesville) are truly a global attraction; and the Cox-Juried Pavilion, indoor and outdoor Children Activities areas, and a completely renovated Gift Shop with new space for social distancing and expanded stock will be waiting for you at the GHS Campus of 2021!
Gilboa Historical Society presents a short performance each week of winter 2020-21 by a rotating roster of musicians and story-tellers. You can be added to our mail list for reminders about upcoming shows!

Nancy Payne at the Gilboa Historical Society

Storyteller NANCY PAYNE tells of a woman breaking through the Kenyan expectation of a lifetime working in the fields. Wangari Maathai started in those fields, but got sidetracked through primary and advanced education, organizating Kenyan women in the fields, and became a model to redefine the very meaning of peace for the Nobel Peace Prize committee. Wangari Maathai combined social commitment, science, and activism to win 2004's Nobel Peace Prize.
..... Click here for the free performance from Friday, February 26 through March 5, 2021.

Next week, our rotation continues with Dave Ruch's music of upstate New York.
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