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Join History through Quilts April 12th

Written By Editor on 4/9/21 | 4/9/21

We’re hosting a new event, and we’d love to see you there. Join us for History Preserved in Quilts, April 12, 2021 at 7:00 PM.

About this Event

Let’s Explore How Quilting Evolved - Not your mother's average ”blanket”!

Quilters now days take for granted the vast array of beautiful fabrics available to us, and the quilting tools many of us never even dreamed of when we first began sewing and quilting.

Join quilter Sharon Aernecke Aitchison as she takes a look at the earliest evidence of quilted items to the necessities of quilts and forward to quilts becoming works of art.

How did quilt designs get their names? Is it hand-sewn or machine-pieced? What would a Colonist need a quilt for besides warmth? How did the oldest quilts withstand the wear and tear of use and time? Where are they now?

Explore with me some history of quilt-making and where we are today with the most intricate of designs and fabrics so rich and beautiful the women of the prairie would weep for.

Stick around afterward for a Q&A with Sharon — any and all questions about the quilting are welcomed and encouraged!

This is a free program - However, voluntary donations are greatly appreciated to support our non-profit community programs. Your donation helps to supports the Sharon Historical Society so we can continue to provide quality historical programs such as this one. Donations can be made on the "Registration" tab.

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