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WIC Provides Fruits and Vegetables

Written By Editor on 6/2/21 | 6/2/21

When the WIC program is mentioned, many people automatically think formula and milk. Did you know the WIC foods offered are much more diverse? In addition to formula and milk, WIC offers infant foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and much more. WIC has two exciting opportunities in regards to fruits and vegetables this summer.

First, the Farmers Market Nutrition Program has begun for 2021. From now through September, each eligible WIC participant can receive twenty dollars in coupons to use at local farmers markets and farm stands. It’s a wonderful chance to buy farm fresh, locally grown produce and support local businesses at the same time.  A list of participating farms will be provided when you pick up the coupons, and you will have until the end of November to redeem the coupons. 

Second, starting this month, WIC is also offering a temporary increase in the cash value benefit for fruits and vegetables. What was $9 for children and $11 for women will now be temporarily increased to $35. This benefit offers WIC participants a chance to buy a larger amount of fresh, frozen or canned produce from the grocery store.

These 2 benefits are only for eligible WIC participants. WIC is currently offering telephone appointments. For more information, please call Catholic Charities of Columbia and Greene Counties WIC program. For the Hudson office, the phone number is 518-828-9668. For the Catskill office, the phone number is 518-943-9082.

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