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HCOC Hunger Coalition of Otsego County NY

Written By Editor on 7/7/21 | 7/7/21

The Hunger Coalition is proud to announce a $ 10,000 Grant given to CADE to assist in  providing nutritious fresh local sourced produce to Food Pantries in the Hunger Coalition of  Otsego Network. These funds come from various generous donations given to the HCOC. 

CADE Farm to Pantry: For several years CADE has been working on advancing  partnerships between Farms and Institutions to spur local food sales. As a response to COVID-19  and abundant food insecurity that was highlighted throughout the pandemic, CADE launched in  2020 a Farm to Pantry (F2P) Program with generous funding and community partnership in  Otsego County. The program allows pantries to "sign on" to CADE's program where they could  then order from a multi-farm aggregator, 607 CSA, to purchase local products for their  pantry. CADE facilitates the ordering, handles invoicing and coordinates delivery so that local  food ordered by pantries can be purchased with ease. The products ordered from pantries are  paid for by community funding, to support a win-win of local fresh food to pantries and a stable  market for struggling farm and food businesses. This program and local food is of no cost to  pantries, with the hope that relationships with farms would continue beyond the scope of the  project. Launching mid-June in 2021, thanks to funding support from the Hunger Coalition of  Otsego County, CADE will continue this important work of fresh food security and supporting  small farms and food businesses. 

HCOC: Our group was created to help feeding programs unite. Our Network shares  information and resources throughout Otsego County.

We are a diverse group of people representing food pantries, feeding programs, farmer's markets, religious, educational and non- profit agencies and individuals. COVID has expanded our  purpose to include other projects to assist pantries in providing for their needs. CADE: The Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship is a 501(c)3  nonprofit who works with farms and food businesses in upstate New York to build a  vibrant food system, in which locally owned agricultural businesses thrive and  consumers are nourished by healthy sustainably produced food. 

For more information, press only: 

PR Contact Name Cindy Blanchard HCOC Board President 

Phone number 607-206-4281 


Kaitlyn Sirna, MS (she/her) 

Senior Program Manager 

Center for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship (CADE) Office 607-433-2545 


For more information on HCOC: 

Website: or visit our Facebook Page 


Facebook: @CadeFarms Website:

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