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Power Up by Sister Chirya

Written By Editor on 7/31/21 | 7/31/21

Power Up
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Illustration - Brahma Kumaris

Each day we need to recharge our spiritual battery, and it's refreshing to know that power is available.  Otherwise the light of our consciousness becomes dim, thoughts become fuzzy, decisions are impregnated with doubt and confusion and our energy is dissipated. 

Inside at the core of our consciousness, always radiating spiritual power, we have pure radiant spiritual light. This is what we are. However it is now blocked by our attachments, hidden memories of all our life experiences and many acquired beliefs and perceptions. Yet only a thought away we have the Supreme Being, invisible to our physical eyes, the eternal unchanging source of power, of spiritual truth, clarity, and pure love,  Our spiritual battery can be recharging as long as we stay connected to this unlimited source of pure power.   Meditation connects us to both sources of power - that's why meditation is the way to access the energizing vitamins of pure love and the minerals of truth and wisdom the spirit craves.  

Meditation is the process of getting to know yourself completely both who you are within and how you react to what is outside. 
Above all, meditation is enjoying and appreciating yourself in the literal sense of the word.  It is a process of rediscovering and enjoying the positive qualities latent within you.  Through meditation, you discover a very different "me" from perhaps the stressed or troubled person, who may seem superficially to be "me".  You realize that your true nature, the real you, is actually very positive. You begin to discover an ocean of peace right on your doorstep.  

Meditation is the way to silence. The very ground of your being, out of which come all your thoughts is silence.  When you arrive in your own silence you will know true freedom and real power.  Stop, take a minute, and listen to the silence within you today. Take time to empower yourself. Sit quietly and connect your mind to the Source and allow yourself to recharge and renew.
Like any skill, meditation requires practice to achieve positivity and satisfying results.  By doing a little every day, it soon becomes a natural and easy habit which generously rewards you for the little effort it involves.

Contact:  Yvonne Chirya Risely

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