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Editorial: Andrew Cuomo Was Never that Great

Written By Editor on 8/4/21 | 8/4/21

This is the second time that this paper is delving into state issues. Normally, we do not write about what is going on in Albany beyond the prism of the effects on our area or from our legislators.
The first time was several years ago, when Governor Andrew Cuomo, son of former Governor, professional baseball player, and Supreme Court (almost) nominee Mario Cuomo said that America was "never that great."

Andrew Cuomo was never that great.

Strip away the debate over his tax policies or on policing or on social issues. Vote for the policies or against them, but never vote for a phony fraud like our Governor.

From a local perspective, his office dragged its feet on needed recovery from Hurricane Irene-- originally not supplying it until after receiving additional money from Hurricane Sandy. After dispensing the money to downstate, then holding another round of potential projects, he finally opened up funding for Upstate communities devastated in 2011-- years after the fact. The resulting NY Rising program was an astonishing failure (in many ways, not all) for both individual participants and sewed up in delays for municipalities. I personally know of two stories where the program aided flood victims, then months later asked for money back.

Andrew Cuomo never cared about Upstate New York.

His actions deliberately placed COVID patients into elder care facilities-- then covered it up, took a media tour, and received accolades. This isn't because he's a Democrat. It's because he's a snake.

The Attorney General's report affirms what was mostly public knowledge before-- that the man who wanted to be president was a serial sexual harasser.

Resign. Impeach. Either one works. However, one thing is for sure-- Andrew Cuomo should not be governor of our state any longer. In fact, soon his fate may be in the hands of a jury of his peers.
- Matthew Avitabile

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