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The Nick Kelsh iPhone Photography Workshop…for Grown Ups

Written By Editor on 9/13/21 | 9/13/21

The Bright Hill Literary Center in Treadwell will host its first ever “Nick Kelsh iPhone Photography Workshop… For Grown Ups” this weekend, September 17 to 19, 2021. 

Nationally renowned photographer, Nick Kelsh, will share his love of photography and love of his iPhone camera with you for a weekend that will change the way you shoot photographs forever.
Workshop Sessions:

Friday, September 17 / 5:30PM to 8:00PM
Reception, opening remarks,
preparation for all-day Saturday workshop
Saturday, September 18 / 9:30AM to 4:00PM
Shoot, edit, group instruction
Sunday, September 19 / Noon to 5:00 PM
30 minute one-on-ones scheduled with Nick

Visit our Facebook event for more information.
A note from photographer Nick Kelsh:

I recently taught the first Nick Kelsh iPhone Photography Workshop… For Kids! at The Bright Hill Literary Center in Treadwell, NY. It was a five day event. I had an intensive, fun curriculum planned and lots I wanted to teach these kids about taking pictures. I was in good shape. 

By 11 AM on day one it became clear that several of these precocious "twenty-first century techie kids" knew almost as much about using their iPhone cameras as I did. They didn’t know as much about photography, mind you, but they were pretty good with the bells and whistles on the phone. I had to regroup and quick. I had to fill four and a half days with meaningful content.

Here’s what I did: I quickly invented photo assignments. I even made it a competition! They were thrilled! 

We had a stop watch to make it official, and Anthony the college intern as a judge.

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