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Use Mental Energy Wisely to Create a Whole New World

Written By Editor on 12/17/21 | 12/17/21

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illustration: BrahmaKumaris


During our various activities this holiday season, where will our thoughts be going? Will I notice them and have enough inner strength to focus and direct them where I want them to go?  We are so unaware of the incredible amount of energy that is contained within every thought.  When we become aware of this then we can pay attention to conserve and utilize this energy in a beneficial manner. While you wait at the traffic lights what is going through your mind? While you are cooking food what type of thoughts are you having?  Have you ever asked yourself, “Wait, what am I thinking?”  The fact is that at a time when world resources are at their lowest and population at the highest, when there is a cry to conserve energy, we are throwing away enormous quantities of thought energy by the second through the fast speed of having too many thoughts..

What happens when we use up a lot of physical energy?  In exactly the same way by expending large quantities of mental energy the mind gets tired. giving rise to frustration, tension etc., and every task becomes difficult.  Even if you eat well and nourish the body with care, you may still feel tired and worn out if you do not use your mental energy wisely.

Why don’t we use this power of the mind, the power of thoughts to benefit ourselves and others? Quite simply, we have forgotten we have this power in the first place and secondly we no longer have the knowledge and ability to harness and make use of it.  We have forgotten we are souls, eternal immortal points of spiritual light, and have developed the false concept of ourselves as being merely bodies of physical matter.  In so doing we limit ourselves to all that is physical and life does not exist only on this level. Can the body think, or make decisions? What part of my body has the ability to judge and to feel?  It is the soul that performs these tasks. I now take steps to develop the soul and feed it with spiritual knowledge by having  necessary and positive thoughts filled with blessings; by thinking and speaking slowly, softly and less, my character and personality become rich, full of  beauty filled with spiritual energy to give help to others.  I will then be in full control of that wonderful ability we all have - the power of thought. What a wonderful gift!

Contact: Yvonne Chirya Risely 

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