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Message of Hope by Sister Chirya: Keeping the Inner Light Bright

Written By Editor on 1/2/22 | 1/2/22

We have to think about how we can focus on and be instrumental for our own transformation.  To think about the transformation of others is a waste of time.  Remember, “When I change, the world changes.”  Transformation comes from keeping God’s company. He is not only the Supreme Soul; He is my Father, Teacher, Friend, Guide.  Keeping His company brings transformation in the self.  I must not waste my time getting caught up in concerns about the body, other people or anything of the world.  Let me be free from any kind of tension and pay attention to staying connected to God’s light. The inner strength and power I receive brings transformation within.  Seeing my transformation, others will have love for me.  


So let’s get started. Well-being is a skill. It needs cultivating. Get into the habit of exercising your mind in order to keep it healthy.  Everything, which means everything, in our life begins with our thoughts.  Every thought creates vibrations. Vibrations are like sound waves; no obstacles can stop their radiation. To exercise the mind means creating a pure positive thought and holding stable that feeling and thought.  This means if I need peace, I can emerge and hold on to that thought and feel the light of peace within for however long I want.  This daily practice prepares one to deal with difficult times.  


Get into the intermittent daily habit of simply closing your eyes and taking 10 deep breaths. Look within and increase your awareness - the capacity to know what your mind is doing. Stop now and then for a moment to practice and become aware of the quality of your thoughts.   Check and change them when necessary.  Daily, consciously choose the quality of your thoughts - accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and throw away the waste.   As is my thinking, so are my actions and experiences in life.  Value what you have regardless of how little it may seem to you. Count your blessings. Who knows how long you will have them! 


Each day create and nurture good vibrations within and silently touch everyone with your bright inner light. We have received a very clear path. I simply have to walk on this path I see in my mind and show it to others.  When we do this the darkness of ignorance in the world now will be dispelled.


Contact: Yvonne Chirya Risely

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