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Ekphrasis Creative Writing Workshop In - Person at Bright Hill With Mark Blickley

Written By Editor on 6/21/22 | 6/21/22

Ekphrasis Creative Writing Workshop
In - Person
at Bright Hill
With Mark Blickley

June 24, 5pm-8pm
For Immediate Release
Contact: Beatrice Georgalidis, Executive Director
Treadwell, NY 

[Treadwell, NY] Bright Hill will offer the first ever Ekphrasis Creative Writing Workshop taught by master teaching artist Mark Blickley on Friday, June 24, 2022 from 5-8 pm in person at Bright Hill Literary Center, 94 Church Street, Treadwell NY 13846. A light supper will be served during break.

A few seats remain open; please email our administrative and production intern Maggie McCann at if you wish to register with your name, address and phone number. Registration will close Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 5 PM.

Cost of the workshop is $50 - scholarships are available to those in need.
What is Ekphrasis creative writing? The word Ekphrasis translates to "description" in Greek and ekphrastic writing is a form of creative writing describing a work of art or visual image.

By imaginatively playing with a visual work of art, the writer can expand its meaning—not in terms of enlarging the original work, but in terms of offering more possibilities. By bringing two imaginations into conversation with one another—that of the visual artist and that of the writer—something new is born.
Unlike visual analysis, ekphrasis writing is interested in evoking or representing an image for its reader from outside of the framework or a mounted pedestal. The visual image can be a photograph, painting, collage, sculpture, drawing. By taking inspiration and source material from an image, the writer reconceives it through a written meditation that can be poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction or drama. Ekphrastic impulses can take a vast number of forms, as individual as each human being.
 BRING ONE IMAGE... any genre, that intrigues them. It doesn’t have to be a famous work of art—it can be a child’s drawing, a family photograph—whatever visual image has drawn you in. Please don’t bring an artwork or photograph that you’ve created. Through a series of discussions, examples and visual prompts, we shall all become literary ventriloquists that will allow visual imagery to speak. We can give voice to the artist who created the piece, or the characters in an artwork, but I believe most ekphrasis creative writing is rooted in a sort of self-interrogation.

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