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Sheriff's Department Statement on MCS School Closing

Written By Editor on 6/3/22 | 6/3/22

From the Schoharie County Sheriff:

In response to an alleged threat involving the Middleburgh Central School District, the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office reports the following: 

On Tuesday May 31, 2022 at approximately 10:30 AM, Sheriff's Deputies responded to the Middleburgh Elementary School for a reported suspicious incident involving a parent auditing school security measures. It was reported that when confronted by school staff, the parent was polite, respectful and when asked to leave, left without incident. The parent was interviewed by deputies and determined to be a proactive concerned parent. A subsequent posting by the same parent addressed to the Middleburgh Central School District was received by the district which some perceived as a threat. The Sheriff's Office examined the post and reinterviewed the parent and have determined that there was no threat made nor any criminal offenses committed. Any security concerns are being addressed by the School District. In the wake of recent events, Sheriff Stevens has ordered increased presence at all Schoharie County schools in addition to regularly performed school walk-throughs. 

The Sheriff's Office urges any parents that may be concerned with the security of the schools and their children to address their concerns with the school and law enforcement in a civil, professional manner by telephone or by making an appointment. The Sheriff's Office strongly discourages any unannounced security audits. While genuine and well intended, these actions can inadvertently set in motion school safety plans and cause unnecessary alarm to students and staff. 

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