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Editorial: Happy Birthday Nick Juried

Written By Editor on 11/17/22 | 11/17/22

The date of the paper makes this message a day late (or if you're reading the digital edition-- on time!). Our team would like to extend our best wishes and say happy birthday to our area's guardian angel, Nick Juried! Last week we had the unveiling of the plaque at the Middleburgh Railroad Museum at the newly-christened Nicholas J. Juried Park. Mr. Juried played an essential role in the museum's opening last year. He also played the key role in Middleburgh's pandemic relief program that aided business during the darkest stage of the pandemic.

I could write all day about Nick's accomplishments-- especially his skill at working with others. However, I do want to state that we'll be covering a series of future grant projects that Mr. Juried is involved with. Simply put, if there's something good happening in a local non-profit, there's a good chance that Nick Juried is playing a key role.

For 93, the man is using his skills and abilities to do good for his childhood home. For that, we hope to do an annual message for his next 93 birthdays!

A special reminder that we take the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas for our families! We do not have an edition next week due to Thanksgiving and we do not have an edition on December 30th. Our next edition is December 2nd! We all wish you and yours a happy, safe, and wonderful Thanksgiving as we consider all of the good of creation.

Thank you to everyone on our team and our growing list of loyal readers and partners that allow us to put out our paper each week!

-- Matthew Avitabile

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