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Beyond Finance Kicks Off New Campaign, Gives One Client $56,000 Present for the Holidays

Written By Editor on 12/19/22 | 12/19/22


DECEMBER 19, 2022 – This week, Beyond Finance, one of the nation’s leading debt resolution companies, kicked off a new initiative called Beyond Debt Now. And in the process, it will pay off one client’s debt totaling $56,000.


Beginning in 2023, the company will identify two clients each year to participate in an accelerated payoff. Beyond Finance will cover their existing debt enrolled in the debt resolution program, resulting in immediate debt relief.


The first Beyond Debt Now recipient is Linda Buerkley of Hudson Falls, New York.


Buerkley, 80, is a mother of two and grandmother of six. After falling victim to a targeted scam, which left her with $56,000 of unsecured debt, she turned to Beyond Finance when the collection calls became overwhelming.


“I hoped to receive help during this difficult time, so I enrolled with Beyond Finance. I trusted they would do what they said they would do. They did more than I ever expected.” said Buerkley. “Not only did they negotiate my debt in half of what I owed, but they also provided free access to group counseling about my finances and how to [better] manage them once I was out of debt.”


Buerkley is just one of the thousands of elderly Americans nationwide scammed out of their savings each year.


“Unfortunately, Linda’s story is not unlike many other Americans who live on a fixed income. As we have seen many times in our debt settlement programs, that struggle often takes a toll beyond someone’s finances to their mental health and relationships,” said Beyond Finance Chief Operating Officer Lou Antonelli.


Beyond Finance will not only take on the rest of Linda’s unsecured debt just in time for the holidays but will continue to offer free group counseling sessions with other clients.


“Linda’s story illustrates why we offer and encourage all our clients to take part in our financial therapy sessions,” continued Antonelli. “Debt and financial stress harm more than someone’s bank account; their mental health is at risk. Linda is an active member of our financial stress sessions, so it’s fitting that she is the one to kick off our journey with Beyond Debt Now.”


Every client working with Beyond Finance for creditor negotiations and debt resolution is automatically enrolled as soon as the first registered account is settled for payment. Consideration is based on an anonymized background survey and participation in all debt resolution programs (e.g., financial management, monthly payments, group counseling sessions).


“I have no fitting words to explain how grateful I am other than to say, ‘Thank you,’” Buerkley said. “With this gift and the financial therapy, I know I’ll never be in this situation again. I’m forever grateful for Beyond Finance.”




About Beyond Finance, LLC

Beyond Finance, LLC, based in Houston, is one of the largest, most successful, and influential debt resolution organizations. By standing alongside clients wherever they are in their debt journey, Beyond Finance uses personalized debt resolution programs and proprietary technology to give them the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to move beyond debt. Since 2017, they have resolved more than $1 billion in client debt. In June 2020, it merged with an affiliate to become the dedicated company it is today. They have additional offices in Chicago, Illinois, San Diego, and Irvine, California. For more information, visit

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