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Attempted Scam in Conesville

Written By Editor on 5/3/23 | 5/3/23

Conesville residents are advised to be aware of a scam attempt on a local resident today in Conesville.  Two trucks occupied by six men pulled up to an elderly resident’s home stating they just finished a local job, and they had a remaining truckload of gravel and no place to put it.  An offer was made to leave the so-called surplus gravel on the homeowner’s driveway for free. The offer was accepted.   After the gravel was offloaded onto the driveway, the men demanded $2400 in payment from the homeowner. 

Thanks to the vigilance of the homeowner’s son and daughter-in-law who live next door, the demand for payment was challenged. An ensuing argument resulted in the sheriff being called and the six men in their two trucks beating a hasty departure.  But not before a photo of one of the trucks was taken with New York State license plate number 74152-MN on a white Chevrolet Silverado.   

If you know of any attempted scams that prey on senior citizens or see the truck in question, please contact the Schoharie County Sheriff’s dispatch at 518-295-8114.     

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