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Beating Boredom as a Senior

Written By Editor on 7/10/23 | 7/10/23

Beating Boredom as a Senior

During the senior years, the conditions often become favorable for the flourishing of Boredom Grass.

In 1980, Alan Caruba introduced "National Anti-Boredom Month" in July, a time dedicated to combating boredom and embracing engaging activities.

Caruba's intention with this celebration was to encourage people to break free from mundane activities like twiddling their thumbs, engaging in idle gossip (Marites stuff), or exhibiting complaining behaviors (doing a Karen). Instead, he aimed to inspire them to find more meaningful and productive pursuits to fill their time.

Indeed, thaasophobia or the fear of boredom is real. And now I return to Daily Puzzle Answers to compare my puzzle answers.

The mere association of boredom with a "medical" connotation might imply seriousness. And playing 7 Little Words, Wordscapes or any other game, indicates that I'm approaching the levels of Marites or Karen in terms of boredom.

In my neighborhood, numerous seniors can be seen gazing out of their windows, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the second installment of their pension. Meanwhile, others choose to sit on pawnshop benches, quietly observing the world as it unfolds around them.

What if boredom wasn't even defined by the Greeks, who regarded it "as natural as breathing"? Should we be worried about its impact on us today?

Well, maybe yes, because researchers have found that having an excess of idle hours can lead to various psychological symptoms, including anxiety, depression, aggression, and even heart ailments, among other problems.

If you find yourself feeling bored with the current topic, let's delve into a bit of history instead (as history is something we should never grow tired of, due to the fact that it shapes who we are).

In the 2nd Century A.D., a Roman leader rescued a town from the clutches of boredom. In 1852, Charles Dickens used the concept of boredom for the first time in his novel "Bleak House."

In a groundbreaking citation within Prose-Sake, it's revealed that seniors can be significantly affected by boredom, particularly due to their confinement at home with a lack of activities to engage in.

Boredom isn't just limited to seniors, though, as even non-seniors can grapple with it. Take the wisdom of the Greeks to heart – just like breathing, boredom is a shared human experience.

Combat boredom. Perhaps my neighbor has a point as she spends her time in front of the village pawnshop. By doing so, she has the opportunity to connect with familiar faces and engage in discussions about the latest Marites topics or contribute to Karen-related issues.

The key to alleviating boredom is to be proactive and get moving. Push yourself if necessary to step outside, take a walk, and engage in conversations with others to shift your focus away from yourself. First aid for boredom involves getting up and actively redirecting your attention.

If going out is not possible, exploring activities like CodyCross and other game apps can help alleviate the sense of doing nothing and make the experience more enjoyable.

Thelma, a senior with a passion for quilting, generously shares her skills by organizing complimentary quilting sessions at her church's social center. Through these gatherings, both young and old have the opportunity to learn and master this wonderful craft.

By engaging in these quilting sessions, Thelma not only widens her social circle but also returns home feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.

It's a good idea to Indulge yourself with a treat and visit the newly opened milk tea kiosk in your village. Explore flavors you've never experienced before. Embrace new activities as effortlessly as breathing to combat boredom.

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