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North Chatham Free Library (NCFL) Announces Its End of the Summer Celebration for All Ages on Saturday, August 12 from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Written By Editor on 7/29/23 | 7/29/23

North Chatham, NY (July 27, 2023) – Join the fun for all ages at the North Chatham Free Library (NCFL) “End of the Summer” celebration at 4287 Rte. 203 on Saturday, August 12 from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Beginning at 8 A.M., and ending at 5 P.M., cyclists and walkers will take the Albany Hudson Electric Trail (AHET) located at either the NCFL or the Valatie Free Library, and starting at either library, bike or walk to the next library, and return to your starting library. Passports, available at the NCFL the week prior to the event, must be stamped at each leg to be eligible for a raffle for prizes. 

Cyclists completing the round trip can enter a drawing for a free tune up, valued at $80, courtesy of Steiner’s Sports and Velo Domestique. Likewise, walkers are also eligible for a drawing to win gift certificates to the Chatham Book Store by starting at one library, biking or walking to the Niverville Trail-head, and returning to the starting library. Young children will also receive ice cream certificates for attending the event.  

Next on the roster, is an Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social where sundaes will be served to all attendees beginning at 3 P.M.

From 3 to 5 P.M., attend the statewide program entitled, Safe Child ID, which is being conducted by the Chatham Police Department.

Using the latest digital fingerprinting technology and high-resolution photography capabilities, a SAFE CHILD ID card is created for parents and guardians to have with them in the event the child's information and photo are needed for an emergency.

The card contains the child's name, pedigree information, (i.e., date of birth, height, weight, hair, and eye color etc.), photograph and images of two fingers. Produced within minutes, the card can be carried in a parent's wallet or pocketbook for easy accessibility. If a parent wishes, they may opt to store the information with the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in the event their child becomes lost or missing. The storage of this information is strictly voluntary and would require the written consent of a parent or guardian for the data to be stored in the DCJS database in Albany, NY.

Having that information would be an invaluable resource in conjunction with the New York State AMBER Alert and/or Missing Child Alert programs. These cards will allow essential missing child information to be disseminated more rapidly, dramatically increasing the possibility of bringing a missing child safely home.

Concluding the celebration, is an opportunity to hear noted author Mitzi Dorton in the Library’s Back Garden at 4 P.M. She will be discussing her newest book, Chief Corn Tassel and sharing pointers on how to get published.  

Mitzi Dorton is a multi-genre writer, a former postsecondary learning specialist and educator. As an adult, she often spent time in local college history rooms. It was there in some antiquated books she came upon, that she discovered Chief Corn Tassel.  

Samuel Cole Williams, historian in William Tatham, Wataugan complained that other than James Mooney's description, there was "no other sketch of this able chief." So Dorton took it upon herself to travel to the old Cherokee towns and various treaty sites, acquainting herself further with his background. By the time she reached Chota, Chief Corn Tassel had become an old friend she grew to know, and she wanted to share his story.

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