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Brian Kaiser’s Fundraiser Huge Success

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 12/1/23 | 12/1/23

By Elizabeth Barr

COBLESKILL — Brian Kaiser had a spinal injury while surfing in June that made him paralyzed and he is working hard on recovering.  The Community and several of Brian’s friends got together to help with the costs of his recovery. 

Organizers of the event were Cobleskill Partnership Inc and Sterling Insurance Company. Nino Cogliandro, CPCU, President & CEO of Sterling Insurance Company and longtime friend of Brian’s said thanks to everyone who worked hard to get the community to support Brian Kaiser’s Fundraiser. He said, It won’t be possible to name all of the merchants that donated raffle baskets so maybe just a general thank you will work. Brian and his family are very appreciative of all the people who made this fundraiser possible.

The best way to support Brian is through a GoFundMe that his family set up for him.  Here’s the link:

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