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The Prattsville Scoop by Abby and Gabby

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 12/1/23 | 12/1/23

By Abby and Gabby

PRATTSVILLE – What a great Thanksgiving was had by all. Everyone was happy and got more than they needed to eat – but what is there to complain about. The Diana and Arnold Jaeger Thanksgiving dinner won the prize for the most in attendance. They totaled eighteen and many more came in with the number fourteen. The most important thing was that everyone enjoyed each others company. They must have enjoyed themselves because plans for being made for a repeat next year. Wonderful.

In Thanksgiving news, Judy Chatfield and Janet Syska and family were planning a family dinner. As usual Judy got out her special tablecloth. After dinner Judy passes around a black marker and all the guests sign their name or draw a picture. Judy then embroiders all in different colors and she has been doing this for the past three years at family gatherings and she says it is quite the conversation piece. Judy, dressed up as a “friendly” witch for Halloween, confided on the QT that she almost got arrested at the grocery store (Fred Meyer) when her rider cart lost power in the middle of the store. When the manager came over to offer assistance, Judy told him she had left her broom in the car and needed assistance with the cart. She said he almost wet himself he was laughing so hard. We all should follow Judy’s example and make a visit to Jim’s next Halloween. Jim, you have been warned.

Gene and Debbie Case Brainerd made a trip to Kingston on Sunday to meet up with daughter Sarah and husband. She lives in Carmel and Kingston is a good locale to meet for family time. We owe Sarah special thanks for she is in the process of becoming a Registered Nurse. We wish her all the best in the future and look forward to Debbie and Gene keeping us up to date on her progress. Gene and Deb stopped by to drop off their annual donation to the VA Christmas Celebration. It is rewarding when friends stop by with donations after reading of the veterans’ program in The Scoop or hear it on WRIP. We send our regards to Matt of the Mountain Eagle, The Daily Mail and WRIP for getting the word out on all our programs. Your words are heeded and reacted on. Thank you to all for your generosity and love.

The Gurley family have added to their family. Grandson Cody Hodge, son of Rick and Nancy Gurley Hodge, and Samantha were married on November 25 at a beautiful home wedding. Cody works from home on the computer (that is making it simple and uncomplicated) and Samantha is a Junior High English Teacher. Congratulations to all.

Could not believe the residual snow that was still on the sides of the road in Hunter and Tannersville on Saturday. Guess they got that snow when we got the rain. Many of us did want snow. Do any of you remember Thanksgiving Day of 1971? It really snowed that day causing ten people to share in a small roasted chicken for Thanksgiving dinner. When sharing with family and friends, there is always enough for all.

Want to help with the VA Christmas Celebration? Items needed in increments of 32 are large calendars, Hershey’s chocolate bars, individual wrapped soft cookies, chips, Doritos, cheese puffs, pudding cups, coffee K-cups and chocolate k-cups. Call 518-299-3219 for more suggested gift items, donations or dates for wrapping and delivery. All are welcome.

NOTICE; To aid in our veterans’ causes, at the West Kill Community Hall, The Lexington Farmers Market will host a Craft Fair on Saturday, December 2, 10 AM to 2 PM. The Community Hall is located ¼ mile down Spruceton Road off of Route 42. Members of our American Legion Auxiliary will have a table near the stage at the community hall. There are hand crafted chines and holiday d├ęcor as well a some miscellaneous crafts. The proceeds will all go to our programs.

Happy Birthday to Ron Cline on December 3. Katie Lindley Jonard is sent Happy Birthday wishes on December 4. On December 5 it is special Happy Birthday wishes to Jane Concato. Happy Birthday to Janelle Maurer and Connie Lane on December 6. Happy Birthday to Shane O’Hara on December 7.

FROM LAST WEEK:The Prattsville Scoop by Abby and Gabby. PRATTSVILLE – Happy Thanksgiving. This is one day you can overeat and you do not have to feel guilty about it. The main thing is, spend your time and dinner with family and friends. Enjoy.

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