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Whittling Away with Dick Brooks - Christmas Past

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 12/1/23 | 12/1/23

It's now the heart of the holiday season and the three spirits written about so well by Charles Dickens make their yearly visitations.  Since so few Scrooges exist among us, most of the visitations bring joy and excitement and not the fear they generated for poor old Ebenezer.  I always enjoy the yearly visits of Christmas Present and look forward with anticipation for many more Christmases Yet To Be, but I must admit to having a favorite--Christmas Past.
Christmas Past is an old friend who comes to call faithfully every holiday season but also has the kindness to come to call throughout the year.  Every time I think of family and family gatherings, his memories flame up and warm my heart with scenes that were.  Christmas Past gives me the confidence to face the sometimes uncertain future.  I know that even if someday in the far distant future, I have to face the holidays with no earthly companions, He will be there to keep me company and to remind me of how rich I  really am and have been.  I know his comforting warmth and ability to lift the fog of the past will keep me from becoming a hard hearted, bitter old Scrooge.
His visits this year have already made me smile as I remember sitting around the dining room table making ornaments with my two little boys in their stocking footed pajamas and my Queen-to be.  He brought back the feeling of being part of the thundering herd as my brothers and sister stormed down the stairs and charged the Christmas tree.  Memories of the "Sneak for a peek" hunt for hidden presents before Santa's visit, first by my siblings and I and later by my offspring make me chuckle.  He carries memories of pajamas and bathrobes, slippers and coffee, sounds of wrapping paper and little gasps as the goodies emerge, Christmas music played and sung by the Queen and Princess, cats batting ornaments, and the quiet little sounds that needles make as they fall onto the presents under the tree.  He allows me to become that little boy, so long ago, lying warm in bed, listening to the sounds of sleigh bells on high and knowing that the dawn would bring it's special blessings after the longest night of the year.
May the Spirit of Christmas Present bring you family, good friends and good memories to store for the future, may the Spirit of Christmas Yet To Be give you strength to face any trials and tribulations that may come during the year and may the Spirit of Christmas Past remind you that you're never alone as long as you have your memories.  The joy and blessings of this season from our house to yours!
Thought for the week--"Business?  Mankind is my business!"   --Jacob Marley
Until next week, may you and yours be happy and well.    

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