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Nature Photography at Café Marguerite by Robin Williams

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 2/2/24 | 2/2/24

Photographer Robin Williams with artist Peter Mayer and managing editor of State of the Art newsletter Erwin Karl at the opening reception at Cafe Marguerite in Margaretville 

By Robert Brune

MARGARETVILLE — Robin Williams exhibit of nature photography captures extraordinary moments of landscapes, birds, and moonscapes. Williams' photography eye for composition comes from years of practice despite Williams considering herself as an amateur photographer.  The various eagle and heron images have the potential to be worthy of the Audubon Society and National Geographic consideration. In the posted profile at Café Marguerite at 746 Main Street, Margaretville, Williams describes one of the key necessities of documenting magical moments in the wild, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to sit for an hour to get the perfect shot of these majestic raptors.” It’s patience and timing that is clearly displayed in her passion for photography. 

At the opening reception this past Saturday, the space was filled with many of Williams’ friends and other local artists such as Peter Mayer and Erwin Karl of Andes Academy of Art and State of the Art newsletter who were impressed with seeing this exhibition. Also, Gary Mayer artist and co-owner of Art Up gallery dropped by to lend support and encouragement to Williams on her first showing of her photography. 

Williams is a mother of two living in Margaretville, works as an advisor to people who are signing up for Medicare, she enjoys her side gig as a roller derby skater, proudly represents her neighbors as a Middletown Town Board member, and somehow finds time to hold events to raise money for people in the community. Recently Williams and her group of youthful companions raised money for a local woman struggling to make ends meet after being diagnosed with breast cancer at Zadas Bar in Margaretville. Her adventures out into the wilderness are a way for Williams to also spend quality time with her children between her other interests and projects. 

This is highly recommended, taking in the amazing sights of Williams photography with very affordable prices and if you haven’t tried the scrumptious five-star pastries and sandwiches at Café Marguerite, you have to stop in and take this experience in.

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