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Resolution Honors Jaycox

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 2/23/24 | 2/23/24

By Leila Crockett

SCHOHARIE — Former County Clerk Indy Jaycox was initially called into the Board of Supervisors meeting to say some kind words to honor Record Retention Coordinator Nicole Doherty for 10 years of service. Jaycox had many words of praise for Doherty, whom she hired more than 10 years ago, and credited her with organizing more than 8 million images, among many other accomplishments.

Next, County Clerk Larry Caza invited County Attorney Michael West to deliver a special request to the board. West asked the board to consider Resolution 40, "Honoring Indy Jaycox on Her Retirement as County Clerk and Commissioner of Motor Vehicles." What followed was a moving acknowledgment of the commitment and sacrifices made by a dedicated public servant over decades of service.

In the following excerpt from the resolution, West asked for a few minutes to mark the well-earned retirement of Indy Jaycox, stating how rare it was for the board to pause to render such thanks and honor: "Indy is one who deserves the most simple of tributes, having rendered true, honorable, and unselfish public service to our county and its citizens. Indy had an exceptional career in public service spanning 38 years, starting with the DMV where she worked until being appointed as County Clerk by Governor Pataki in December 2006. She successfully served in that role until her retirement at the end of 2023. She was active in many organizations and proudly rose through the ranks of the New York State Association of County Clerks to become its President from 2022 to 2023.

In addition to serving as County Clerk, she also served as Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and oversaw Records and Archives. Never afraid to contribute both time and energy to achieve the highest levels of public service, she did what every public servant is honored to do: put the needs of the public first. She understood public service and was dedicated to it. After nearly four decades of service, we know that she is proud of all the work she and her team accomplished. She was always dedicated, faithful, friendly, conscientious, and enthusiastic in her work. She was usually one of the first to open the office in the morning and one of the last to leave at the end of the day. Every one of her customers was greeted with a warm and friendly smile, always parting knowing that their concerns mattered. Indy had a unique way of doing her job, making everyone feel welcome.

With a keen sense of duty, she was able to grasp problems while helping others in need and always did all she could to provide whatever was needed. Her tenure was marked by several daunting challenges, including the devastating flood of 2011, which, along with many other offices throughout the county, suffered the damage and destruction of most of the records that had been committed to her care. Years of hard work by her and her staff were required to bring her office back to the efficiencies we enjoy today. The pandemic was the next challenge for her office, but she ensured they remained open every day, providing uninterrupted service to county citizens. Through her hard work and that of all those in her office, she was able to modernize and raise the profile of the clerk's office and the DMV in many ways that will serve our county for years to come. Many advances in technology were made during her tenure, including the implementation of digital records, and decreased turnaround time for the filing of deeds and other documents.

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors stands in applause in recognition and appreciation for the dedicated service that you, Indy, have given to the county and community for these many years.”

Indy, flanked by some of her biggest supporters, stood motionless and stoic. Hand after hand raised to speak, as former colleagues partook in the opportunity to share stories of her successes and admirable character. It seemed that to everyone in the room, this was the most important business of the day. Indy stepped to the microphone and gave thanks for the acknowledgment, but ultimately, you got the sense that this was just a drop in the bucket. Another day in the life of such a storied individual. Undoubtedly humble and perhaps eager to get out of the spotlight to continue the business of whatever it is that retired superheroes do.

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