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Retro Soda Shop Coming to M'burgh

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 2/23/24 | 2/23/24

By David Avitabile

MIDDLEBURGH - It might not be ice cream weather just yet, but it will be soon and the For get me not Soda Shoppe and ice cream parlor in Middleburgh will be ready.

Lisa Tenneson has had crews working on and upgrading her building at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Main Street in Middleburgh since she purchased the building. She moved her offices for Four Star Realty Group into the first floor space. Crews have been transforming the space in the rear of the first floor into a retro soda and ice cream shop called the For get me not Soda Shoppe.

"This beautiful building had not had any serious renovations and love in years," Ms. Tenneson said. "When I bit the bullet and bought it I committed to doing it right. Engineered plans, building permits and money."

The real estate office was just the first step, she said.

"We started with Four Star Realty Group's portion of the building and once we were in we kept right on going. Exterior renovation, windows siding, new sills, foundation walls, ADA ramps and so much more." The building "is getting built to code and for sure to last."

The next step was the soda shoppe/ice cream parlor.

"We are working towards spring," Ms. Tenneson said.

The shop "will have this Retro vibe, 50s music only," she said. "Old time energy is coming your way. This corner will be alive with some jive. Yes, when you walk in you'll transcend back in time and have a good old-fashioned time."

She promised "fun for all ages."

Further updates will be posted on Facebook.

She noted that the Forget me not, Soda Shoppe is a mother/daughter team effort and Harley Ann and Ms. Tenneson "are super excited to bring this to you all." Harley will be managing the shop.

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