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Sgt. James F. Carty, DSC - VFW Post 1545

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 2/23/24 | 2/23/24

Well, I just want to mention that I became ill last Thursday after a trip to Albany to pick up provisions for our pancake breakfast.

I got home and made a sandwich and at about 6:30 became violently sick. I am not sure if it was the sandwich or some flu-like symptoms that got me to the point where I got so weak that I collapsed to the floor.

Lynn called 911 and Windham PD and the ambulance EMT’s came to the rescue. Upon them checking my vitals, I was allowed to stay home instead of going to the emergency room.

After a day or two I was almost back to full strength. I want to thank the first responders for their concern and care. We on the mountaintop are very fortunate to be able to get qualified responders to help in these situations. I am very grateful and thankful for their care. 

I want to thank all who attended our pancake breakfast this past Saturday. The snow that came flying in I believe held the crowd down although it was a success. We all enjoyed ourselves putting this on and will be doing a few more soon. 

Our Post is working with the committee headed by John Giordano that are working to have a veteran’s monument in Jewett honoring all veterans of Jewett and East Jewett. 

Our Post will be working with them to gather names of residents that served our nation in all wars from the Civil War to today.

We went through our archives of information and gathered names of veterans on our rolls from WWI and the Spanish American war. 

It was very interesting finding this information in some old ledgers that we have at the Post. This project will be looking for donations to help finance the completion. 

Should you want to donate to this effort, please contact me at or contact Blue Mountain Excavation, 11287 State Route 23, Ashland, NY 12407 or call 518-734-5173.

Make checks payable to VFW Post 1545 with Jewett Monument in the memo line. All donations are tax exempt as we are a 501c19 veterans organization. 

The following Information regarding the GI Bill that affects a veteran and their families was posted: 

GI Bill Stifled by OverregulationVFW National Legislative Deputy Director Kristina Keenan spoke on a legislative panel at the midwinter meeting of the National Association of State Approving Agencies. 

These agencies have responsibility to review, approve, and monitor all programs and schools to ensure quality education for those using VA benefits such as the GI Bill. 

Keenan presented the VFW's concern that overregulation has caused too many schools to stop participating in the GI Bill program due to increasingly burdensome requirements. 

She also stressed the need for student veterans who take some or all college courses online to receive a more realistic monthly housing allowance, currently set at half the national average.

The VFW supports increasing this amount to ensure that veterans do not experience housing insecurity while pursuing an education. The VFW is always working to alleviate the struggles for veterans to receive their rightful benefits. 

MIA Update: The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency announced four burial updates for service members who have been missing and unaccounted for from World War II and the Korean War. Returning home for burial with full military honors are:

-- Marine Corps Sgt. Harold Hammett, 24, of Avery, Mississippi, was a member of L Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force. He was among 1,000 marines and sailors killed in action at the Battle of Tarawa, and reportedly died on Nov. 20, 1943. He was buried in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on Feb. 16, 2024...

-- Army Tech. 4th Grade Elmo F. Hartwick, 38, of Onaga, Kansas, was assigned to Company C, 149th Engineer Combat Battalion. He was killed in action enroute to Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. He will be buried in his hometown on a date to be determined.  

-- Army Air Force Staff Sgt. Jack W. Coy, 20, of Toledo, Ohio, was assigned to the 703rd Bombardment Squadron, 445th Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force. He was killed in action on Feb. 24, 1944. He will be buried in Oregon, Ohio, on a date to be determined.  

-- Army Cpl. Charles R. Patten, 24, of Lebanon, Missouri, was a member of Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 34th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division. He went missing in action on July 20,1950, and the Army issued a presumptive finding of death on Dec. 31, 1953. He will be buried in Lawson, Missouri, on a date to be determined. 

Let us remember their sacrifice and the families that have waited so long for their loved ones to come home. 

God Bless America and remember our troops that are now serving throughout the world and keep them safe. 

Marc Farmilette, PDC – Commander Post 1545

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