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Traditionally Speaking… The FRESH CANVAS by Pat Larsen

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 2/23/24 | 2/23/24

What a gift each and every day can be. When the curtains are pulled open each morning and the skyline comes into view each dawn, we too get an opportunity to prime the canvas for the day. 

Each and every single chapter of our lives can be considered yet another opportunity to create what we desire to manifest  with the same preparation that an artist would use to prime their canvas. 

One of the ways to allow those dreams to take shape is  to quiet our minds.

We all have our own individual ways to accomplish this task. 

Some might meditate, simply by finding a place to sit still and slow the breath and allowing thought to take shape. This is the storage space that contains all the thoughts, dreams, desires and possibilities that in a conscious state we often do not acknowledge because we’re just too busy living our daily lives. We skip over the importance of participating in our own dreams.

Others might find that stillness to dream by taking a walk in the woods or sitting at the water's edge of a lake nearby or drifting off in a hazy gaze that sets the wheels in motion to explore possibilities for your next adventure. SEEING your canvas completed beforehand helps draw you into that reality carrying you forward.

Each time you set about to allow yourself the time for this preparation of your blank canvas, your instincts will come alive and suddenly you’re tapping into the creative urges you were born with. 

Sometimes, we allow this excitement and that fire within to be dampened down by inner fears that practically extinguish the blaze within.

Other concerns like feelings of uncertainty and unworthiness become crippling. Before you realize it even your joy is lost to witnessing a beautiful sunrise that you fail to acknowledge.

In truth, when you recognize these signs, it’s helpful to dig even deeper within yourself and allow the fires to reignite.

Self talk is a wonderful tool to be considered here.

Perhaps, you’ll decide that it's okay to take a risk rather than to play if safe.

Thinking of yourself as work in progress can earn you the self compassion to take one more step forward.

Sharing your limiting beliefs with a trusted friend can also be that life line that you need to get your canvas primed.  Thereby turning your anxieties into clearer visions that are the perfect starting line.

Each and every time you allow yourself to try something new, you become more receptive to inspiration. YOU MOVE FORWARD. You tap into that artist within.

Keep a journal handy  with plenty of blank pages. 

You’re about to create a masterpiece.

Pat Larsen lives, works and plays in Greene Co, with her husband and pup, Lily. She writes from her heart with the passion she puts into everything she does from fitness instruction, to columns, to hypnotherapy.

Contact Pat at 518-275-8686 to chat.

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