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Traditionally Speaking…by Pat Larsen - Practical Pausing…Part #2

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 2/8/24 | 2/8/24

I attempt to slow down and  take stock of my life every single day. Important things would get away from me, if I didn’t. Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation as well, on occasion or all the time. It’s kind of a realization that staying on your life path or the track that you choose to be on is essential to live your best life. 

As Seniors we tend to hit the “urgent” button way to often, if we’re not careful.

Otherwise, we become a complaining, misguided, disconnected people of sorts that nobody wants to be around. The world is a pretty intense, unpredictable place to navigate at this time and being personally engaged in it is exhausting and overwhelming. Isn’t it?  Ok, you’re asking for some examples, I can hear you.

The stack of mail that we get as Seniors everyday is staggering.

There’s the standard fair amount of junk still to this day. Then there’s the seemingly urgent notifications from the Doctors office with lab results that make no sense and need clarification, maybe there’s a bank notification regarding your investments, the car you own is surely falling into the perilous situation of needing an update on the “warranty”, before you drive a ½ mile more…on and on. 

OK. so this is the norm for us. There’s an overwhelming feeling often associated with the stacks of uncertainty we live with on the desk. Ignoring this stuff isn’t the solution. Days then disappear into weeks then into months and here we are..2024. 

Taking the concept of PAUSING to the next level, I’d like to suggest taking stock as we go. How often do we pause to reflect and actually appreciate how far we’ve come on this journey.

Our patience levels wax and wane depending on the time of day you are asked to deal with these “disturbances” in the natural flow of life. 

So here’s where we reflect on the concept of “pausing”, taking that moment between the next thing to hold off. There’s more to this though.

I personally refuse to give my days allotment of energy to those nuisances that get in my way. Pausing for a bit helps me to reflect and get my bearings before having to actually respond to annoying stuff or do something I’m not ready to do…like comprehending how “everything's “ has gotten so complex in our world.

Think over the times you could easily negotiate 20 odd things in the world that required your immediate attention, So what if that’s not how it works for us right now. Instead, create a stack of the incoming stuff that requires your attention by the end of the week or month and work on that “to do” pile first. 

Then Pause…go for a walk, appreciate the life you're living, take a nap. 

Joy comes to us when we allow ourselves to recognize just how good things actually are.

There’s no fire to put out any longer. Nothing has to keep us from living because we think if we don’t make that call, something awful will happen. Our greatest weapon against stress is our own ability to choose one thought over another at a time. Choose to PAUSE.

As the kids say, lovingly I hope…”Chill out”!

Then pause, relax, rest, review and “eventually”  you’ll get back to all the things that require your attention with a clearer head. 

REMEMBER THIS….Pausing is the antidote to our own anxiety.

Try it. 

Pat Larsen is a licensed fitness instructor specializing in Baby Boomer and Senior wellness. Classes are at The Shamrock House in East Durham, weekly. Contact Pat at 518-275-8686.

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