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Early Morning Barn Fire at Birdsong Farms

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 3/22/24 | 3/22/24

Barn fire spreads at Birdsong Farms in Delhi

By Mary A. Crisafulli

DELHI - Firefighters were called to a barn blaze at Birdsong Farm Community Garden on NY Route 10 in Delhi at around 3:40 a.m. said Delhi Fire Chief William Cairns. After several water tanker refills, firefighters were able to extinguish the flames by around 7 a.m. with Delhi teams leaving the scene around 9 a.m.

The fire, which started in the barn that is often used for the farmers market, was caused by an electrical malfunction, he explained. All individuals inside the barn were able to make it out safely. While some chickens were lost to the flames, Cairns said firefighters were able to rescue the goats.

Unfortunately, the structure is a total loss, though surrounding structures were saved, reported Cairns. “It traveled fast, the entire structure is constructed of wood, with interior wood paneled walls, wood board roof with cedar shingles,” he explained, “There was a breeze coming up the valley that helped to fan the flames.”

Route 10 was closed off during the call to maintain a safe operating zone, explained Cairns. The roadway is back open.

Responding units included fire departments of Bovina, Downsville, Walton, Treadwell, and Trout Creek. Bloomville fire department positioned people and equipment at the Delhi station and Masonville did the same for the Walton station in case of calls in the area.

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