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Ashland Speaks

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/17/24 | 4/17/24

By Lula Anderson

April showers bring May flowers, but what do April Monsoons bring besides mud?  I have a hankerin' to go out and check on my butterfly bushes that I planted in the fall, plus find out if my forsythia survived both the winter and my son's brush cutting, but, alas, it's way too wet to venture forth.  Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be bright and sunny with rain again the rest of the week.  I do hope this weather pattern shifts before summer.  I would love to get out and sit in the sun.  I heard on the radio this morning that hummingbirds have been sighted already.  I have to remember to tell Neil to keep an eye out.  So far, none have hit Judy in the head, but she hasn't been out much because of the aforementioned rain.  

A very happy 80th birthday to my friend Cora.  Her children threw her a surprise party last Saturday and it was very well attended.  We had a chance to catch up with all of the local people in the area. 

Heard that Stanley Soule was home for Easter and had dinner with Aunt Dot Giordano.  Sorry I missed you.

It's restaurant week which gave several of my friends an excuse to go out for lunch.  Had a great meal in Tannersville at Brave the Flames, then went to Tipps Tavern on Main Street Windham .

The East Jewett/ Katterskill UMC delivered more than 70 chicken dinners to shut ins and the elderly last week.  Thank you.

It was sad to hear of the passing of Robert (Bobbie) Hoagland last week.  He had been named Senior of the Year for Greene County a couple of years ago.  His sister, Irene, passed last October and I believe that his brother, John, is the only one still living.  I feel so old, as the Hoagland children were born at the Holdridge farm tenant house to Charles and Peggy.  So many of my friends are gone.  We look to extending our life but have no one to reminisce with.  

Prayers to Maureen McCuller and we hope you feel better soon, Cliff Cool.  

Sympathy to the Clay family from Prattsville.


Rainy days mean more sorting.  Among this week's treasures I found a  map : STATE ROADS 

This ROAD  MAP of the CATSKILLS AND  VICINITY.  and a list of the High Peaks of the Catskills.  The map cost 40 cents.  The first section was How to reach the Catskills.  The pleasantest rout to the Catskill Mountains during the summer season is by water.  The magnificent Catskills are in sight during sixty  miles of the glorious sail on the Hudson.  

The Day Line of Steamers:  The "Washington Irving" and the "Hendrick Hudson", were probably the most popular which left NYC daily from Desbosses St pier at 8:40 in the morning and West 129th St at 9:20 connecting Kingston Point with trains on the Ulster and Delaware Railroad for the Catskills and at Catskill by auto or private conveyance for all points in the Eastern Catskills.  My father, Leslie, had a class 2 driver's license and had an 8 passenger car with a homemade luggage rack on the top.  One of his jobs was to meet the Day Liner and pick up passengers to bring to our hotel in Ashland.   All of the big hotels had pickup service as most of their clientele stayed for at least a month.  I laugh at the ads trying to lure the traveler into staying with them.  The CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE was conducted on the American Plan.  For the convenience or tourist there was A La Carte service provided between meals.  Electric lights, steam heat, lavatoried with hot and cold running water.  Many suites had private baths.  New public baths and toilets on each floor convenient to rooms.  

The HEIDELBERG ON THE HILL  commanded a fine view of many miles of both river and mountains and the Berkshire Hills.  Best of Beds, Table First Class sanitary plumbing.  On high ground, two miles from Main Street.  (town not mentioned.) 

    My final selection this week will be a poem by Joh Borroughs which appeared with a picture of a road in Woodland near "Roxmor"  Located in Woodland Valley, Phoenicia 

            Woodland Valley first in line, 

             Because it's Outlook is so fine, 

                    Mountains all around.

             Roxmor's Table is so good,

              This Fact should well be understood,

              A day off here is just the thing,

               For many pleasures it will bring, 

It is so quiet, so wild, and has such superb Mountain Views.

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