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Doc Reinhart Releases New Single

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/17/24 | 4/17/24

Doc’s New Single “The Music’s Sounding Good  Again” tries to “Stop the Hurt, Break the Chains”  and Bring People Together Again 

South Kortright - “The Music’s Sounding Good Again” is a memorable  anthem of empowerment. It’s both an individual and  collective spiritual call to arms, viscerally channeling a  deep inner power. It includes a driving verse with deep  cutting lines, an unexpected chant-like spiritual bridge  and an inspiring chorus that all contribute to a very  dynamic composition that feels much like an  awakening. The song summons bass lines reminiscent  of Motown, the danceability of the Bee Gees and a pop  sensibility similar to Michael Jackson all in one song. If  there is one line to summarize the mission of this tune,  it’s “Stop the hurt, break the chains, come together  again." Both musically and spiritually, this song does  take on the biggest of challenges and succeeds in a way  that you won’t forget.  

Listen to “The Music’s Sounding Good Again” good-again/s-HIkfuhhc5H2? 

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About Doc Reinhart: 

Doc Reinhart, a former medical doctor turned musician,  embraces his unwavering belief in the transformative  power of music to help individuals connect with their  authentic selves. His distinctive sound resonates on a  deeply personal level and has landed notable  placements in Hallmark films, SONY distributed movies  and The Disney Channel. 

Doc has played at notable venues such as The  Paramount in Huntington, NY, appeared on WBAI 99.5  FM in New York City, and performed at festivals such as  the Huntington Fall Festival and Jersey Shore Music  Festival. His commitment to finding that part of  existence that is real and meaningful has led critics to go  as far as stating “It’s hard not to appreciate good  songwriting like this” (Skope Magazine) and “Doc  Reinhart is a helper of humanity” (The Alternate Root  Magazine). 

Doc created “Doc’s Modern Outlaws” to bring together  an extraordinary group of people that share his vision  and serve as a beacon of hope, leading the world  towards a brighter, more harmonious future.

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