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M'burgh Closer to Resolving Road Issue with Cobleskill

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/19/24 | 4/19/24

By David Avitabile

MIDDLEBURGH - Middleburgh and Cobleskill officials are inching closer to resolving a sticky road issue that has festered for several years.

Officials are working toward the annexation of five parcels into the Town of Middleburgh to solve the issues on Oak Meadows Road.

Supervisor John Youmans said last week that he would be meeting this week with Town of Cobleskill officials to go over more details on the next steps for Oak Meadows. "I will know more after that is done."

Middleburgh is proceeding with the annexation and the next step is to have the town attorney draw up petitions for the five affected property owners on the road.

The annexation could solve issues that have been brewing for months.

Supervisor Youmans told board members in February that he and the town highway superintendent met with the Cobleskill supervisor and highway head to discuss the issues over 1,300 feet of road that is in the Town of Cobleskill but has been maintained by the Town of Middleburgh for 10 years.

The answer proposed was annexing that portion of Oak Meadows Road, and possibly some parcels, from the Town of Cobleskill. This would allow the Town of Middleburgh to receive CHIPs funding for road repairs. Currently, Middleburgh is maintaining the road but is not eligible to get CHIPS funding (since it is in the Town of Cobleskill) and the town is not receiving any funding from Cobleskill.

If the annexation goes forward, Middleburgh would be eligible to receive $1,000 to $1,500 per year in CHIPs funding, highway Superintendent Steve Kowalski said. It is unlikely that the town will get any funding from Cobleskill on-the-road work done in the past.

Middleburgh town officials have complained for months about the lack of payments from Cobleskill for road maintenance on Oak Meadows, going back to 2013.

Mr. Kowalski told board members at their meeting in January that Middleburgh should be getting between $1,200 and $1,500 per year to "cover what we put in" to the road.

Middleburgh town officials sought back payments from the Town of Cobleskill for roadwork done in the Oak Meadows development since 2013.

The towns of Cobleskill and Middleburgh came to an agreement in 2013 to have Middleburgh maintain the road in the Oak Meadows development off of Route 145, in exchange with yearly payments.

That plan lasted for one year as Cobleskill paid Middleburgh $900 in 2014, according to Middleburgh town officials.

After some discussion, Middleburgh officials in December agreed to extend the agreement for another five years and ask for back payments.

When it was originally drafted, there were seven parcels, and only two had homes on the land. Only two parcels in 2013 were assessed at more than $200,000. The rest, unimproved properties, were all assessed at $26,500 or less. Now, with homes on each parcel, the assessments are much more than $200,000, Middleburgh officials said.

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