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New Girl Scout Troop Forms on Mountaintop

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/17/24 | 4/17/24

By Max Oppen

TANNERSVILLE — To foster empowerment, leadership, and community spirit among young girls, a new Girl Scout troop, Troop #5599, will begin its journey on the mountaintop. 

Jessica Tompkins-McBride and Amber Renner spearhead the troop to provide a nurturing environment for girls from Pre-K to Fifth grade.

The initiative, fueled by local parents' enthusiasm and their daughters' eagerness, marks a significant milestone in the community's efforts to engage its youth in constructive and character-building activities.

Reflecting on the genesis of Troop #5599, Tompkins-McBride expressed gratitude for Renner's pivotal role in its formation, stating, "Amber stepped up so we could form a troop." Two troop leaders are required to form a troop. 

Tompkins-McBride, currently serving as the Campground Program Manager for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, brings her passion for the outdoors and camping background to the troop. At the same time, Renner, an Elementary School Teacher in Hunter, offers her expertise in education and child development.

The troop's inaugural gathering is scheduled for April 30 at 4 p.m. at the Mountain Top Library. "We've already had a handful of girls that registered online," shared Tompkins-McBride. "We'll also have registration for anyone who hasn't signed up at the first meeting."

The April 30 meeting will serve as an orientation session, providing attendees with essential information about the Girl Scouts organization, its mission, and the activities planned for Troop #5599. 

Tompkins-McBride outlined a diverse agenda, including skill-building exercises, badge-earning opportunities, and the beloved Girl Scout Cookie sales.

"We have a couple of girls signed up from the Windham side of the mountain," revealed Tompkins-McBride, underscoring the troop's regional appeal. She also welcomed parental involvement, inviting volunteers to assist in various capacities, such as treasurer or cookie sales support.

To further integrate with the local community, Tompkins-McBride plans to collaborate with HTC's Guidance Counselor to facilitate older student involvement and enable them to earn valuable community service credits.

Reflecting on the organic growth of Troop #5599, Tompkins-McBride said this all started with a Girl Scout representative who came to the Mountain Top Library to pitch a troop to the community. "My daughters were all about it and wanted to go," said Tompkins-McBride. "We showed up at the Library and got all the information. The next day, they went to school and told all their friends about it, and I started getting text messages from a ton of parents because my girls told all their friends they were having meetings at the Library. They suckered me into doing it!"  

She added, "I think it's a great opportunity for girls on the mountaintop. It's great to get girls more involved and build their characters."

For more information, contact or call 518-489-8110.

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