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Renegade Relief Runner Rob - Helping in Israel

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/12/24 | 4/12/24

Rob Spieler of Sharon Springs in Ezra, Israel as a Representative of Renegade Relief Runners.

Bombing seen from Rob’s location in Kibbutz Ezra, close to the Gaza Strip.

Patches representing the work in Israel.

By Alexis Pencar

EREZ, ISRAEL — Rob Spieler of Sharon Springs recently arrived in Israel as a representative of Renegade Relief Runners and has generously taken the time to supply us with an exclusive update and photos. Spieler is specifically providing assistance to Kibbutz Erez, a region located just 1 kilometer north of the Gaza Strip. 

From Rob:


Erez, Israel

While I was in Mykolaiv Ukraine October 7, working on Nadia's house, by day, we heard reports of the savage attack by Hamas. 

Even in the environment we were in, the accounts were particularly overwhelming. I was tempted to fly into Israel direct from Krakow as I was planning to go home soon anyway, as you may remember. 

Being rather run down from events in Ukraine, I chose the latter. It was time to regroup and get away from the boom. 

A few months home to unwind, the family rejoiced with the birth of my granddaughter Freya, to my daughter Brianna and Ryan Negron in January.

Once again I was stirred to help the children, parents, and elderly. Once again the resilience of a people drives me. Once again, as Americans, we help those that can't help themselves. 

After making arrangements through my cousin and a Jewish organization in New Jersey, I was able to secure a spot at the Kibbutz Erez in Central Israel, to help them get ready for those evacuated to return. 

I teamed up with two other American volunteers and we tackled repairs to a few damaged walls and got them in paint, not unlike the work Renegade Relief Runners did at Nadia's house in Kherson Oblast. 

Tidying up of areas, making sure a field was ready  for planting and BBQ for the troops returning from Gaza. 

All work, or times of boredom, and no my gracious neighbors Joe and Shilat let me tag along on their trip to the Red Sea and on a later date showed me around Jerusalem. 

I write this to you as I sit listening to the quite loud  Iron Dome defense system shooting down still more rockets from Gaza as a Bat Mitzvah party is going on two houses away. And the singing doesn't stop...that's resilience.


If you missed the ongoing story and coverage that The Mountain Eagle News ran from August to December last year, Rob Spieler is a Renegade Relief Runner who went to Ukraine (on his 5th trip there) to help the Renegade Relief Foundation, a nonprofit that provides on-the-ground assistance to those suffering from the conflicts in Ukraine. The group is still there working to collect and deliver medical and humanitarian supplies from surrounding areas to Ukraine during a difficult time of increased military activity. 

The Renegade Relief Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) Charity that assists the Renegade Relief Runners’ efforts in conflict zones by providing: Delivery of critical medical aid into areas with difficult access and supporting medical evacuation, delivery of food and water purification to areas deprived of basic needs, and supports/aids logistics and developing networks to provide continuing aid to areas most heavily impacted. If you are interested in donating to the Renegade Relief Foundation please visit

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