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SCS School Bus Driver Celebrated for 52 Years

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/12/24 | 4/12/24

By Liz Page

It was 52 years to the day, April 10, 1972, that Kathy Sutton began her tenure at Stamford Central School and despite the drizzle on Wednesday, April 10, the entire student body turned out to help celebrate her unique milestone.

There aren't too many people who serve the school community for that length of time. She is a favorite with the kids and has always enjoyed being with the kids, said one attendee. Lori Fallon, who is now a retired teacher at SCS, said Sutton was her bus driver when she was in junior high school.

She has safely transported generations of kids at SCS and will continue, but on Wednesday, everyone took pause to admire and congratulate her dedication and service.

Principal Bradley Countermine made the presentation, calling all of the students out to the bus loop in front of the school. You can usually set your watch on Sutton. She shows up at the same time each day, but she was late on Wednesday. "What if she took the day off?" someone chuckled. 

Students stood waiting patiently for her arrival. And, while it rained, it didn't rain on her parade. She got a ride from the bus garage, with a police escort, to the school where her bus #93 was waiting, draped with a banner "Stamford Celebrates Kathy Sutton, Over 50 Years".

She was pleasantly surprised as her son, Josh, handed her a bouquet of flowers. "I just happened to be going by," he said as she made her way along the line of well-wishers.

This is not her retirement," said Countermine, "She has already retired."

"Today marks her 52nd year of dedication and commitment to Stamford Central School. During the past 52 years, Kathy has served on the custodial staff, has assisted in the Main Office, was a classroom aide, and of course a much loved bus driver.

"Kathy, you have dedicated yourself to our school and our students, always going above and beyond to keep our kids safe. You are a positive role model to both your students and coworkers. Your hard work and dedication has influenced many lives.

Thank you, and congratulations on 52 years of making a difference at Stamford Central School.

Several retirees turned out for the celebration and a reception was held afterward at the school bus garage. Sutton was relieved of her bus route for the afternoon, so she could enjoy the recognition.

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