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Tannersville Witnesses Spectacular Solar Eclipse

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/12/24 | 4/12/24

By Max Oppen

TANNERSVILLE — On Monday, April 8, residents of the Village of Tannersville were treated to a rare celestial spectacle as they gathered to witness a partial solar eclipse. Despite the warm mid-50s weather, the streets were eerily empty. Many had likely journeyed westward to catch the eclipse's totality.

The atmosphere was surreal as the moon slowly traversed across the sun, casting an otherworldly light over the Village. Among the few who remained, some were equipped with the necessary protective eyewear, while others improvised viewing apparatuses to observe the event safely.

Having closed for the season just the day before, Hunter Mountain reopened its lifts to transport employees to the summit for a barbecue and eclipse-viewing extravaganza. Sean Mahoney, who wears many helmets, including that of a ski patroller, captured the scene at the summit and sent it to me at my request. Thanks Seany! 

The spirit of community was alive and thriving as residents of all ages gathered at various spots across the Village to witness the celestial event. High school students Rupert Conybeare, Aluna Velez, Linsey Bellinger, and Melinda Bates enjoyed the spectacle at Rip Van Winkle Lake, graciously posing for a photo.

I ran into Maggie outside of the Krooked Cafe. Syd was also there, displaying his homemade viewing devices. 

The eclipse brought the families and friends together. Area schools closed for the event, allowing families and friends to share in the wonder of the cosmos. It was a reminder of the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of the universe, uniting people from all walks of life under one celestial spectacle.

As the eclipse waned and daylight returned to Tannersville, residents dispersed, their hearts and minds filled with the memory of a truly special event.

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