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Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/12/24 | 4/12/24

By Abby and Gabby

PRATTSVILLE – Have to start off with a correction. In last week's Scoop, I did not hold down the “shift” tab long enough resulting in a typo in the cost of the Prattsville Firemen’s Annual Pork Dinner. Although it would probably be worth the price the cost is $15 , not 415.,for an adult pork dinner on Saturday, May 11, at the Prattsville Firehouse. Please plan on attending and keep checking all media for the particulars of this dinner. Thank you.

For community support for a fundraiser for our volunteer EMT for Greene County, you could not ask for a more genuine and extraordinary generosity for our volunteers. Prattsville, Grand Gorge, Windham, Ashland, Hensonville, etc. etc. and even Stuyvesant Rescue/EMT members were in attendance. Thank you to our local volunteers, our area supporters and all those traveling from out of town.

See accompanying photo: Are these the offsprings of our local Easter Bunny? Think their ears resemble hers and the local young bunnies. Well we can’t all be young and attractive.

The earthquake and women’s college basketball championship playoff were some of the topics occupying the conversations. Lula Anderson of Ashland said she did not feel the quake Friday AM but her son said he felt some vibrations. And some of those in Roxbury said there was not doubt they felt the tremors. Have not heard of any shaking being felt in Prattsville.

As President of the Windham, Ashland, Jewett, Prattsville, Lexington Golden Agers, Lula Anderson, would like to invite all to the Monday, April 15, meeting of that organization to hear Guest Speaker Peter Wheelwright, author of Door-man, to hear his speech on the building of Gilboa Dam, the subject of his book. It is never too late to have an eye-opener on any subject.

Finally saw Janet Mower, had not seen her in months. She would just show up at the house with bags and boxes of new items for the veterans at Stratton VAMC. Janet has a generous and caring heart. Thanks Janet. And with Janet were her daughter Becky, Becky’s fiance and his son and grandson. A lively conversation took place and quilts and material were some of the topics. The girls’ college basketball game of the night before was brought up and everyone was happy with the results. Of course there is still the Sunday afternoon game, the championship game between SC and Iowa. We are cheering for Iowa, with Caitlin Clark and her team mates, she can’t do it by herself so go TEAM. Paige Buecker of UCONN deserves a standing ovation also. These ladies show us how to make it as a team. Not going to have a favorite sports team again – mine always loses. But they are better than most and they make you proud.

Ashleigh Jaeger Carr is well stocked with baby items for their, Ashleigh and Jeremy, baby daughter due in April. A surprise baby shower was held for Ashleigh by her fellow teachers at Gilboa CS on March 29. Then on April 6, family and friends held another surprise baby shower for Ashleigh at the Conesville Fire Hall. Heard she received a multitude of beautiful and varied gifts as well as the always welcome disposable diapers. Congratulations to Ashleigh and Jeremy on the upcoming birth of their daughter.

Four couples of Post 1327 and Unit 1327, Prattsville, Barry and Sandy Esbin, Nancy and Dan Davern, Marianne and Johannes Krauss and Bob and Ginny Gurley, were at the Greene County EMT Breakfast to support other volunteers. Our veterans know what it is to be in service for all their fellow Americans. The Legion’s motto is “Still Serving”.

Sympathy to the families of Mike Becker and Vic Cross. Believe these two men were contemporaries during their younger years in Prattsville. Mike and his parents and two sisters lived on Washington Street and Vic lived in Johnson Hollow with his parents and brother, but for the past many years lived in Florida. Again with sympathy to the families.

In reading the article on Todd Farms, growing cauliflower on their farm between Grand Gorge and Stamford, had to call my sister Alice Delmar Robinson in Fairport, NY. She was an alumna, Class of ‘48 of HTC, and the first of her siblings to attend college. As NO. 5 of eleven, there was no funds for college in the late 40’s early 50’s so Alice went to work picking cauliflower to earn college tuition. She said “the money was good.” She also said yes she worked with the Puerto Rico immigrants and the Todds were very protective of their workers. She graduated from Oneonta SUNY with a degree in teaching and worked continually until her retirement in the early 1990’s and she got publishing credit for helping to update some of the books used in elementary classes.

Wish we could have observed more of the eclipse but we were just beyond the prime viewing area. The good thing about the eclipse was there was a feeling of awe and oneness with our fellow mankind.

Mark your calendar for Sunday Brunch, April 14, 10 AM – 1 PM, at the West Kill Community Hall. The menu is too extensive to list all the dishes but each one is better than the others and the sweets on the side tables are beyond words. All for $15.

Happy Birthday to Ashleigh Jaeger Carr on April 13. Happy Birthday to Kendall Thorington on April 15 (pass the greetings along Mom Chrissy and Dad Jim). Happy Birthday to Brianna Irwin on April 18.

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