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Volunteers Maintain Lily Park

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/25/24 | 4/25/24

Clematis Garden Club's Nora Masterson and Colleen Lettieri doing their part on Earth Day at Lilly Park in Schoharie. 

By Elizabeth Barr

Earth Day was this week. Nora Masterson and Colleen Lettieri did their part by maintaining their spot at the Clematis Garden Club in Lily Park in Schoharie. The Clematis Garden Club was founded in 1940 and dederated in 1961.  The Club is currently 43 members strong and is serving local communities in Schoharie County as well as Albany and Greene. 

It all began on May 14, 1940, when seven garden-minded ladies met in the Greenville home of Miss May Chatterton.  The club was named after the clematis vine that hung so luxuriously at Miss May’s front door. Within two years, the club had 53 members and is still going strong today.

The main objective of the Clematis Garden Club is to promote interest in creating beautiful homes and gardens through landscaping, flower arrangements, and plant development.  They hope to strengthen public support. For more information call Debra Teator at 518-634-2397.

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