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Weis to Retire as Town Of Esperance CEO

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/5/24 | 4/5/24

By Venus Louise

ESPERANCE – The Town Board of Esperance met Thursday, March 21, for its monthly meeting with Supervisor Earl VanWormer, III and Board of Trustees. Although the attendance was low due to inclement weather, the Board of Trustees:

-Heard Supervisor Van Wormer, III state that Jerry Weis, Code Enforcement Officer is planning to retire and hire Cody Sherwood. This 19-year-old will work with Jerry covering the Towns of Esperance and Sharon until he completes the NYS Codes training. When he passes one third of the training, he will be able to conduct Fire Safety Inspections, passing the other two thirds will enable him to do all Certified Code Enforcement work. A motion was made to appoint Cody Sherwood to assist Jerry Weis, CEO at a rate of $20.00 per hour while becoming NYS Certified, all were in favor. A motion was also made to purchase a laptop for Code Enforcement use, not to exceed $2,500 with all in favor.

-Heard the monthly report from Joseph Durma, Dog Control Officer (DCO). One call regarding a town resident wanting the DCO to euthanize a domestic dog, which he informed them he could not do as euthanizing animals is not within his DCO duties. One call from yet another concerned town resident regarding the variety of livestock and poultry crowding the property on Rte. 30A across from the Central Bridge Livestock Auction Barn. He along with County, State, and Federal authorities have made numerous stops at this location to talk to the property owners. The owners are protected under their religious rights, and they have been permitted to raise animals in this manner. Also, he has received several calls about the overload of feral cats and kittens in town. He gave them information regarding agencies such as Kitten Angels and Scruff who take wild felines, neuter them, notch their ears and set them back into their natural habitat.

-The ZBA approved the Area Variance for Fred Banks, Jr. since his house and barn have been there for over 50 years it was grandfathered in.

-The board approved the installation of the flagpole at the Town Hall by Bill’s Trucking for $6,500.

-Made a motion to approve the Standard Workday Reporting Resolution with all in favor.

-Made a motion to approve the Standard Workday for employees establishing workday hours for the job titles listed with all in favor.

-Made a motion to increase the 2024 Budget fund A.8160 by $2,694 and increase A.9030.8 by $206 with all in favor.

- Made a motion to schedule a public hearing to enact the Town of Esperance Solar Law as an Amendment to the Town of Esperance Zoning Law on April 18, at 7pm, at 104 Charleston Street in Esperance with all in favor.

-Made a motion to schedule the public hearing regarding the proposed increase in maximum estimated cost of improvements to the Central Bridge Water District System on April 18, at 7pm, at 104 Charleston Street in with all in favor.

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