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A Great Visit to the Pines

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 6/7/24 | 6/7/24

Hudson Goff played a song on his guitar for the residents! 

 Mrs. Whitbeck’s grandmother received a very special card! 

Mickie is celebrating her one-hundredth birthday. Our students made this poster for her. Grade 3 Whitbeck/Lopez at Cairo Durham Elementary 

CAIRO & CATSKILL — On June 3, the students in Mrs. Whitbeck’s and Mrs. Lopez’s third grade visited the Pines in Catskill! These amazing Cairo Durham students have spent weeks preparing for their visit. They created approximately 70 hand made cards for the residents, hand delivered each card and read each card aloud as they visited with their new friends from the Pines. The students also participated in a Talent/Show and Tell presentation that they rehearsed  for several days.

Students showed photographs of pets, performed gymnastics, read books, presented their frog projects, showed off ball handling skills, described hockey equipment, taught words in other languages and more! 

The students and teachers also presented “Mickie” with a special

poster to celebrate her 100th birthday!

  A special thank you to Alison Meehan,Helena Spooner, and Ashley Licis for chaperoning the event and to Laurie Harp from the Pines for collaborating with Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Whitbeck in order to coordinate the trip.  A huge shout out to Cairo Durham Elementary Principal, Mr. Stein,  as well who approved this wonderful event! 

Everyone had an incredible time and the students at Cairo Durham Elementary look forward to visiting again next year!

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