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Local History by Dede Terns-Thorpe - Tidbits on the Mountain Top

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 7/3/24 | 7/3/24

I’d like to share some interesting Tidbits found on the mountaintop areas. 

This was found in a 1969 Albany Time Union. It was about a Mountain View Coach Tour going from Troy and Albany to Tannersville

“A dinner ride to the Bonfire Restaurant (a popular restaurant for many years) in Cairo. There is time for shopping at Jay’s and the Knit Mills Outlets in Tannersville. A discount on name brands, sweaters, suits, and dresses.” They were leaving Troy at 11 a.m., and Albany at 11:30.  All for $3.50. (Today a reasonable $ 28.00.)

AN UP-TO-DATE- VILLAGE-As it was worded in a 1911 Columbia Republic paper. 

Tannersville is the leading thirst resort of the Catskills. It said the village had seven soda fountains, and no end to the wells of crystal mountain water. In addition, the paper said a taxicab service might open. Tannnersville would then be the ever-progressive, up-to-date village its citizens say it is. 

In a 1913 Windham Journal, it said the Prattsville Dairy was receiving about 14,000 pounds of milk and cream daily. It also said that M.E. Francis, Willie Bunt, Ray Bunt, Morton Frances, and Lawrence Kerr were cutting Christmas trees near Utica. 

A 1914 Catskill Recorder said, “Someone’s dogs stand a good chance of being shot unless the dumb beasts are fed enough legitimate food to prevent them from sucking eggs.”

In 1924, Lanesville grocer Harry Lane filed for bankruptcy. His assets were $6,500 and his liabilities were $18,100.

A 1929 Stamford Mirror talked about cars requiring cranking to start. (Cars needed to be cranked until about 1920 when electric starters were installed in new vehicles.) A Westkill Correspondent said, Merritt Newcomb, while cranking a day last Sunday morning had the misfortune to break the large bone in his right arm, just above the wrist. He was taken to the office of Dr. A. O. Persons of Lexington, where the fracture was reduced. 

That paper also said that the busiest place in Tannersville is the Honigsbaum Department Store, where renovations are being made. Frank Showers and his men are painting, and carpenters from the Constable and Bender Company in Tannersville are adding the final details.  The Globe Sprinkling Company is installing a sprinkler system. Soon Tannersville will have a wonderful 10-cent to $1.00 store. (It was that sprinkler system that halted the fire on the south side of Main Street and prevented it from spreading further.) 

I hope you enjoyed these little tidbits. Please take care, and stay well.

Dede Terns-Thorpe/Hunter Historian.

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