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Desmond Highlights Military Roles

Written By Editor on 9/12/13 | 9/12/13

Sheriff Desmond looks to build upon positive press following his announcement that he would not enforce the NYS SAFE Act. His latest push highlights his family's role in the United States Military.

Mr. Desmond spent time in the U.S. Air Force, after which he was honorably discharged. Now he has passed the role down to his family. His son Michael is a Commander in the Navy while his granddaughter has joined the NJROTC. Sheriff Desmond presented that his family has been "proudly serving their country since 1777." Desmond has also buffeted this experience in the armed forces with over 30 years experience in the Sharon Springs Fire Department.

His son Michael and family
Mr. Desmond highlights these roles on his facebook page, including two photos. This also comes after rival Todd Ethington is launching an anti-bullying push while Larry Travis has been on the caucus circuit.
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