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Ethington Barnstorms in Desmond Country

Written By Editor on 9/8/13 | 9/8/13

Candidate for Sheriff Todd Ethington stepped into the lion's den as he began campaigning in Sharon Springs. Current Sheriff Tony Desmond had been Town Supervisor of the community for ten years after serving as Village Trustee and Deputy Mayor-- and in 2009 it was the strongest Desmond stronghold. Ethington's campaigning yesterday represented a bold strategy as the Sheriff lauds a recent large drug bust. The candidate wrote on his campaign page:
The Village of Sharon Springs opened their doors and hearts to me today, I would like to thank them all for allowing me to come into their homes and speak to them about the issues at hand.
Ethington's insurgent campaign was complicated by Desmond's party switching next year and this could be a drive towards another shift.
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