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Ethington Gains Key Endorsement in Jefferson

Written By Editor on 9/24/13 | 9/24/13

While much of the political news out of Jefferson has been about the current Supervisor race, there are other happenings there of recent note. Candidate Todd Ethington has been barnstorming in the sparsely populated town with his campaign marking 100 doors knocked on recently.

While the current focus in the community may be the race between Dan Singletary and Sean Jordan, it appears that Ethington is reaching into the past. The candidate was endorsed by longtime popular former Supervisor Charles Buck. Mr. Buck, a Republican, has emerged as a top supporter of Ethington and could hold sway over dozens of votes in Jefferson.

This has been announced along with the photo on the Ethington camp's facebook. As of today, it appears that the candidate with the most endorsements is still Sheriff Tony Desmond.
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