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Ethington Sweeps Southern Schoharie County

Written By Editor on 9/23/13 | 9/23/13

Todd Ethington continues the robust pace of his door-to-door campaign with his latest round of barnstorming. On Saturday, Ethington attended the Rock the Valley fundraiser in Schoharie and the Harvest Fest in Sharon, both also attended by Larry Travis.

Sunday Ethington brought attention to the southern part of the County. This region appears to be one of the most supportive regions for the Deputy. This part of the County has also been one of the least traversed during the current campaign and could see a large swing in any direction.

Ethington wrote on his facebook page:
Went to Conesville Fire Department's Open House and had a great breakfast, then hit South Gilboa Road, heading to Jefferson to put up two of the big signs and walked the whole hamlet. Will be back up and at it tomorrow.
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