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GOP Picnic Well Attended

Written By Editor on 9/22/13 | 9/22/13

About 100 people showed up for the annual Schoharie County Republican Party picnic at scenic Minekill State Park on Saturday. Among the dignitaries were many candidates for election, as well as others. Sheriff Desmond was a featured guest, as was District Attorney James Sacket. The two have the only two positions running on the County level and are co-hosting a fundraiser next month.

Chairman Lew Wilson thanked the crowd for coming and celebrations began with Assemblyman Peter Lopez. Lopez recounted accomplishments over the last year and beseeched the audience to support Sheriff Desmond, as did James Sacket. State Senator Jim Seward and State Supreme Court Candidate Carol Donnelly Steven. Many of the candidates for Town Supervisor were present, including those from Gilboa, Jefferson, Fulton (both Frank Tatten and Phil Skowfoe, a Democrat), Cobleskill, and Richmondville. There was no rain at the event-- downpours soaked about half of the ceremony last year.
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