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2013 Sheriff's Race Largely Shaped by Campaign Yard Signs

Written By Editor on 9/22/13 | 9/22/13

Obviously, political lawn signs are a vital part of any election at the local, state, or federal level. Signs can be contentious, problematic, or a visible reminder of a community's deep divisions. In the recent Sheriff's race, they have played an outsized and unexpected role.

The Todd Ethington for Sheriff Campaign reports that it has 600 signs out. Sheriff Desmond has slightly fewer and the first Larry Travis signs are sprouting up across the County.

But the whole campaign started with a sign. The first one was a re-used 2009 Desmond sign placed on the corner of Route 145 and Schoolhouse Road. The surprising placement of the sign in May was not due to the Desmond campaign but instead a stalwart supporter. This caused hundreds of Ethington signs to pop up around the area.

Then came June, when a campaign sign briefly became the center of the campaign. Town Supervisor James Buzon lifted several Todd Ethington signs from lawns in Middleburgh, citing a Town law prohibiting signs 90 days before an election. Buzon's actions were not denied and he left a note explaining why he moved them off the lawn and to the doors of the residents. Still, the story became big news in the rumor mills across the County and even made the Albany news.

Now the Desmond and Ethington camp have taken part in a sign war. Ethington fired the loudest shot, placing eleven large "Sheriff Todd" signs across the County-- with particularly visible ones in Blenheim, Middleburgh, and Schoharie.

Sheriff Desmond's campaign has a similar push in Schoharie. In a photo posted to his campaign page , the Sheriff showed off a sign placed at J. Lacy's Salon in Schoharie.

Clearly the escalation has just begun. It's just another sign of campaign season.

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