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Recent Desmond Campaign Moves Show Honed Skill

Written By Editor on 9/21/13 | 9/21/13

This year's Sheriff's race has taken many turns, with a month and a half of surprises still in store. Recent movements have solidified earlier trends: Sheriff Desmond the seeming frontrunner looking to shore up the support that elected him in 2009, Deputy Ethington's frenetic pace criss-crossing the County, and Chief Travis building momentum after a late start.

Still, one candidate seems to be making several right decisions in a row.

Sheriff Anthony Desmond's re-election bid appeared to have a stuttered start as both political parties had reservations about nominating him. Early rumors that his second Sheriff's bid was to be re-elected then resign his post for Undersheriff Ron Stevens have quieted. His bid to carry both major party lines fell apart but left him with the most coveted one: GOP backing. Desmond's corralling of resources at the Republican caucus in June gave him a surprise victory over his opponents Todd Ethington and Duane Tillapaugh. This came after former Sheriff Bates' candidate committee strongly backed Deputy Tillapaugh. An impassioned plea from County Treasurer Bill Cherry set the ball in motion-- leading Desmond to win over two-thirds of the weighted votes.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff's recent moves have highlighted his nascent crackdown on crime. More speed patrols can be seen across the County. Desmond hailed a large marijuana bust this month. His stance on the SAFE Act made national news. Meanwhile the candidate has aligned himself with the majority of Schoharie County voters with his pro-gun stance and his family's impressive military service record.

Desmond is the one candidate in the race that has run a campaign before-- and it shows. His multiple victories in the Town of Sharon created a seasoned politician able to organize the vote and gin up support. His successful Sheriff's bid was a masterstroke in local politics and an event not likely to be emulated any time soon.

The Sheriff's skill was in the backdrop of today's Republican picnic. While Desmond spoke briefly, the cavalcade of GOP office holders praising his work softened any risk that the scars of 2009 still remained. Desmond spoke of his positive relationships with many of the Town Supervisors that he had worked with. The Sheriff's personal and professional touch with his former colleagues played a cinching role in the last Sheriff's race and appear to be very helpful this time out. District Attorney James Sacket called Desmond a critical arm of law enforcement and Cherry reminded the crowd of the difficulties the Sheriff's Department has had to tackle during this term.

While the outcome of the race is still to be determined, there are definite advantages the incumbent has been using to-- at the very least appear-- remain in the lead.
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Administrator said...

So Tony Desmond is a seasoned politician. Considering what "seasoned politicians" have done to this country that's nothing to brag about.

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