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Iroquois Museum Holding Tattoo Exhibit

Written By Editor on 9/5/13 | 9/5/13

The Iroquois Indian Museum is holding an exhibit on tribal tattoos known as Indian Ink. The exhibit will take place through November. From their website:
Inspired by Mohawk artist/curator Ryan Rice's Native Love exhibit and a presentation by Carla Hemlock of Kahnawake, IndianInk will showcase contemporary tattoo art, both the work of young Haudenosaunee designers such as Lyle Logan and Ike Hopper and skin art selected and commissioned by others. Once widespread among Indigenous peoples of the northeast, the patterns and practices of this extraordinary tradition of body modification had declined by the mid 1800s as a consequence of Christianity, assimilation, and relocation. Today, this ancient art is undergoing a spectacular resurgence in Native and non-Native communities. IndianInk will include contemporary expressions with political, cultural, philosophical, or personal significance and a look back at historical tattooing.
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