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Sheriff's Interviews to Start Wednesday: Desmond, Ethington, Travis

Written By Editor on 9/23/13 | 9/23/13

Over the past two weeks I have had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know each of the three candidates for Schoharie County Sheriff, with each interview/conversation lasting close to an hour and covering a wide range of topics - including drug enforcement, experience, the SAFE Act and politics as well. 

In reviewing my notes with each of the candidates, I have been internally debating as to which order I should present the pending three articles - and after much procrastination (thanks to Professor Tusang for encouraging me to do so in all of my studies) - I have decided to present them simply in alphabetical order. 

Thus, Sheriff Desmond's interview will be published Wednesday afternoon; followed by Deputy Ethington's Thursday morning and finally Chief Travis' Friday morning. Each will be roughly four-six paragraphs long, pending on content and will be based mostly on paraphrasing rather than direct quotation, due to the fact the speed of sound travels far faster than my brain's ability to comprehend the words said and then relay the information to my nervous system which travels to my hand and after muscle movement forms the written word. 

I can honestly say my opinion of all three candidates has improved during the course of these interviews and I hope all of yours is as well, because all three of these candidates are hard working, well qualified men who deserve our respect as protectors of the law and consideration as candidates for Sheriff.
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