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Clear Differences Define Milone-Shrederis Race

Written By Editor on 10/29/13 | 10/29/13

The voters of Schoharie have little room for error in November 5th's town supervisor rematch between incumbent Gene Milone and former supervisor of fourteen years Martin Shrederis, as neither candidate shares a modicum of commonality with the other which has created a situation where their differences are clear and the election's victor will have a firm mandate.
In a combination of interviews set for publication tomorrow morning, the Schoharie News will outline the issue by issue differences between the two candidates ranging from the report to tax abatement to everything in between, as well as both of their accomplished resumes of community and work experience that offers Schoharie voters with two desirable choices.
At this juncture the editor of this publication can readily concede an inability to choose between the candidates, believing both to have skills and ideals that would best serve not only their respective community but also the county as a whole in regards to their position on the board of supervisors. It goes without saying that the residents of Schoharie likely share these misgivings and hopefully tomorrow's interviews will prepare them to make the final decision next Tuesday.
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Unknown said...

there nothing desirable about Shrederis

randy said...

I have to agree. It is not that Mr. Milone is that great .... It is that Mr. Shrederis is very..very..bad.
My vote will be against Mr. Shrederis ... the fourteen years he put in before only pissed me off about thirteen.

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