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Murray's Tenure Sees Mixed Economic Record in Cobleskill

Written By Editor on 10/29/13 | 10/29/13

Cobleskill Tom Murray is running for a third term in Cobleskill, fresh off of both his largest success and his largest failure of his tenure. The two events happened in succession this year: Supervisor Murray and other officials heralded the opening of an expansion of Cobleskill Village water lines towards Howe Caverns. Shortly thereafter, Murray and Mayor Mark Galasso's pitch for Butternuts Brewery to come into the former Guilford Mills building failed narrowly at the County Board.

Water lines will bring in a Stewart's.

No second loan will mean no brewery, and no expansion of 50-60 jobs.

To be sure, Tom Murray took office during a recession after the 2009 elections. He and then-newly elected Mayor Mark Nadeau intended to bring a new style of administration after the fall of past Mayor Mike Sellers. Sellers' indecision killed a deal to bring in Lowe's and other projects for Guilford.

However, Murray's experience as a businessman has translated into a mixed record for the community's businesses.

Primary growth has come from the building and re-building of businesses in town: one new and one improved pharmacy along Main Street and a "new" Stewart's and McDonald's. However, just down the street saw Borst Tire Center closed and in rough shape. Justine's has opened its doors but nothing has been done about the former mattress store near Key Bank.

Beyond this, issues revolving around business moving out of the Village has surfaced. Much as expansion along the Route 30 corridor have changed Amsterdam dramatically, Mayor Galasso and Supervisor Murray's water line idea will, by design, draw business away from the commercial center of town.

Ultimately, both Galasso and Murray have their re-election bids largely based on whether or not this business shift is a good idea. The voters will decide that on Tuesday.
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